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Mystical World

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The Mystical World

It is only the EGO of the human and spirit personality that stops us believing in the mystical world, we have travelled through dimensions in 'time and space' every lifetime and between lifetimes, this has blocked our chakras and aura and caused us to loose touch with our Divine Self which some call Higher Self. The more a person studies about the mystical world the more our belief system is healed and memories of our Divine Self returns to us.  Gods, goddesses, fairies, unicorns, elementals do exist and many others have seen and heard them. They are here to help with the evolution of earth and the universe. What we think and do on earth affects all those on earth and in the universe.

Give yourself permission to believe, leave all thought patterns behind, patterns that we may have inherited from our genes and you will discover the most wonderful world that we may have thought only existed in fairytales. The mystical/metaphysical world has always existed, it is part of the universe, part of creation. We connect to it automatically as we are telepathic beings and so are animals.

Keukenhof - Dutch Spring Gardens near Amsterdam which I visited in 2002 with the Archangels. It is an ideal place for fairies to live and when I look at these photographs I know that they are there...

Fairies, Unicorns, Dragons and Dolphins

Once we understand that angels, fairies, unicorns, dragons, dolphins,  (at a higher conscious level) and other such mystical entities exist on earth, within the multi-dimensional world, along with other helpers, we are beginning to understand who we really are. This understanding brings the knowledge that not only humans exist on earth; we are part of a greater existence, and this means that we are not alone.

Fairies, unicorns, dragons and dolphins are very special, they help the angels with many tasks, and they are very visible to those who can see into the multi-dimensional world, most people can only see into the 3rd physical dimension, person to person, person to those in the animal kingdom or plant kingdom. There are infinite dimensions which are not all visible unless investigated through ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), our sixth sense which is our natural birth right. Therefore, we can never say 'things' do not exist until we have increased our sixth sense, our knowing, and even then, as there are infinite dimensions, viewing every dimension would take infinite years.

Over the centuries our psychic skill have been deadened due to the material world. We have to open our senses again and become at one with mother earth and mother nature, this will heighten our natural skills such as clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Fairies have been written about for centuries too, especially in folklore. I was fascinated as other adults also told me of their experiences with the fairies. “Talking to the fairies” is natural, they have voices that sound like children, and so is talking to the angels, unicorns and dragons. We are all multi-dimensional beings and continually talk telepathically to many in the mystical dimensions.

I have seen and spoken to unicorns who look just like horse with a horn, sometimes when they have stood next to me I have felt them kick out one of their legs, and it is quite a jerk when they do!

I have also seem and spoken to dragons and actually seen them flying through the room. There is no walls to stop them as they are in a different dimension to us. Unless you are a natural clairvoyant or you are trained to be one you can only see what seems to be the solid physical world/dimension. And if you are clairaudient you can hear them. They and the unicorns sound just like we do, and they are very helpful just like the fairies are, they all help the angels deliver messages.

Nevertheless, humans rely on seeing who and what they are talking to, therefore, many do not know that they are telepathic or clairaudient (clear hearing), because they cannot see those who are talking to them. They dismiss what they heard as their inner voice or as themselves “thinking”.

Dolphins of Atlantis were an essential part of the Atlantian landscape and civilization. They carried out essential healing and communication with the Divine, the Atlantians, Atlantian Priests and all who the creator works through.

The people of Atlantis recognised that dolphins are the keepers of cosmic knowledge, for the information is recorded in their brain like a computer. They loved them and built huge pools so that they could swim with their friends while telepathically accessing the dolphin wisdom, guidance and joy.

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