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Angel Orbs

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Angel Orbs

Orbs are energetic spheres of light and if they are 'conscious' orbs they are usually spirits, angels, unicorns, dragons, fairies, or any consciousness that may exist. We have an aura that is like an egg shape around us, when we die our aura is still there and so is our aura there when we astral travel.

Angels can appear a large ball/orbs of energy such as those in the photograph below. The orbs are individual angels, groups of angels or angel messages. Angel orbs appear in all hues of the colour spectrum and can look like the colours of the rainbow.


Taken from the book Archangela

An autobiography and experiences of a seraphim/archangel


Monday, 29th December 2014 at 3.20 pm continued…

The next photograph was taken at 13.33 pm, it shows two skyscrapers in Churchill Place.
We had walked to Churchill Place after taking the photographs at Wren Landing and the Cabot Fountain.
You will see the brilliant white light of Divinity and the very large crimson and nearly transparent angel orbs and rays in the sky; they seem to be more visible against the grey buildings. Once again spectacular, the energy of pure love and healing was projected for all those in the area. We had revisited the area especially to take photographs for this book and the magnificent Divine light and angel orbs were the result of this special visit.
Archangel Metatron projected himself as a very large light pink angel orb in the top right of the photograph.



Hoborn, London, UK


When I downloaded the photographs later that night, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and I were very excited to see a beautiful large golden angel orb. As you will see in the next photograph, it turned out to be a very special photograph.
I have rotated the photograph to landscape orientation and increased the size in order that the orbs are more visible.
It was the only photograph to show the very large golden angel orb which is on the right in the photograph, and it showed it in such brilliance.



There are many angel orbs in the skies during the night and day. Some of the photographs I had taken at night I needed to lighten in order to see the angel orbs. In this photograph taken of angel orbs in the night sky in South Africa in 2011, I had not realised that the angels orbs were there until I lightened it.


The fairy orbs I have seen up to now have been sapphire blue and look very similar to the angel orbs. They are very tiny and just like “fairy lights” on a Christmas tree.



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