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God does exist

I always believed in God and I never stopped believing that God existed, and now that I work with God as a direct channel for his healing and messages to humanity I know in a more personal way that he does exists.

He once said to me "You will know my voice when you hear it." And he was right, I know instantly when I hear his voice. His voice is soft, gentle, loving, and very distinctive. A voice that a soul can never forget...

When God chose me to became a Divine channel for him he told me that those he chooses to channel for him are very necessary in order for us to relay his messages to those who may not hear him directly. Sometimes the messages that he relays are never heard or need clarification. This includes messages delivered in visions or in dreamtime to others.

We sometimes get lost in what I call the 'fog of life' and we loose our contact with God. This disconnects us from who we really are, which is eternal Divine beings having life experiences. These life experiences will one day return us to our original self, the self that is of God.

(The visitations I have had from God were and are such beautiful experiences that I will never forget them. I will be writing my experiences in more detail and publishing them as I am doing with my book Archangela - with pure love and gratitude - Cynthia Angela)

There is such inner peace when working with the Divine Spirit, you are God Conscious, you know that you are with him and your feel the pure unconditional love that is beyond all other love.

I was declared Self by God during a visitation from him 2009. He told me that it means that I have completed all my human tasks well and can now return to being a seraphim angel, I will never be born as human incarnated angel again. 

Every day I feel very privileged that I am working so closely with God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Seraphim Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, Divine deities and the wonderful power animals, fairies, unicorns, dolphins, dragons and ALL THAT IS. This means all of creation, as we become more aware of ourselves as eternal Divine beings we begin merging with other dimensions returning us to being God conscious.

Our human personality, the Ego Self realises that it is not alone in the world, there is actually 'something' out there it can connect to and that it is part of of ALL THAT IS. Our ego starts relaxing and automatically the mind, body, soul and spirit starts connecting to that 'something' as this happens, that 'ALL ALONE FEELING' of a person fighting through life on their own starts to disappear.


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Be true to your spirit - god is always listening.

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